Johnny Kray

Albee Damned

Wynn Skism

Rich O'brien

     Mad Mulligans are a traditional punk/oi band from NYC, formed remotely during the first waves of the 2020 pandemic.  Our influences include early Oi bands such as Blitz, Business, and Sham 69 as well as American hardcore from the same era.  We dont play metal or thug rock, just pure punk/oi reminiscent of the early 80s. 

     While everything was shut down and quarantines went into effect, last year, creative outlets were stifled.  There was nowhere for bands to play out, record, or even jam.  We overcame this frustration by doing something new and effective.  Without the ability to get together with our retrospective bands, songs were written and recorded in isolation remotely.  We have all been friends for decades, and it made sense for all of us to come together to be a part of something new and exciting.  A core of about 4 members formed, but 11 people contributed to this recording.  The Mad Mulligans were born.

     Johnny Kray, Albee Damned and Wynn Skism were the complete first line up of the NYC seminal punk band The Krays.  Johnny still fronts the Krays while he also plays with multiple other groups, including Bastard Clan and Drunken Rampage. Wynn and Albee left the Krays at different intervals...they both are currently in American Eagle as bassist and guitars...AE is a classic NYC oi band formed in the late 80s.  Wynn also plays in Skism, while Albee bashes away drums for Model Citizen NYC. Rich O'Brien is the 4th official core member of the Mulligans while he fronts Darkside NYC as vocalist and occasional drummer.  Brian Martin, from classic NYC ska band Mephiskapheles, adds a piano track to Knock One Back to round out as the unofficial 5th Mulligan.

     All 4 guys take turns singing lead vocals. The other contributing vocals come from Jerry Ex(Dead Crew), Rob Zero(Faction Zero), Model CItizen members, Big Carlos, Anthony Pellegrino, and Sid "Da Kid".  Jim Threat from the classic Scottish punk band Threats, adds his vocals in from the UK side of the ocean.  These guys filled in and rounded out all the anthem vocals to bring out that "everyone together" sound across the CD.

     Mad Mulligans are not so much of a band as we are a collective of friends coming together to create something uniquely done.  The lineup is fluid and anyone can be a part of it.

We are all Mulligans.


Who are the Mad Mulligans CD now Available through:

Rotten Bastard Records (US)  https://rottenbastardrecords.com

Dammit Records (UK)               https://dammitrecords.bandcamp.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/78UG9AAYOgJ7Z2LMjjXDAX?si=Nha5Dn_WRNGBrUFxpMyXnA

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/who-are-the-mad-mulligans/1547315266

Bandcamp:   https://madmulligans.bandcamp.com/releases