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SKRUTT Magazine (Sweden) interviews the Mulligans

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July 24th 2022  
Mad Mulligans 

Live at the Bowery Electric
327 Bowery St., NYC
For a Sunday Matinee - 2pm

Action Men cover.jpg
January 2nd 2022  
Mad Mulligans 
"Action Men"
Available Now!!

Also Available on all streaming platforms!



Mad Mulligans are happy to take part in this Comp along with the many other great bands who contributed to help in this good cause.

May 2nd 2021  
Out today! Punk Rock for Jamaica comp! Only $4,
proceeds go toward helping a jamaican family in need. If wanting to learn more about them, their story is in our feed. Big thanks to Brian Burx for the artwork and all of the the bands who contributed a track! Together we can make a difference in someone's life.

Below is the link to purchase this release:

Here is also a link to the rest of our CD's, proceeds will also go to this family:
April 29 2021  
Mad Mulligans 
"Who are the Mad Mulligans?"
Has SOLD OUT again!!

Rotten Bastard Records has again officially sold out of the "Who are the Mad Mulligans?" CDs.

April 15 2021   Albee Interviewed by Suburban Rebels

The band's influences are early 80s punk and oi...Theres nothing like those old bands from the first generation of Oi that were inspiring to us..the Business, Blitz, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, etc...."


Thanx to Suburban Rebels Zine for the interview and helping to spread the word.

Punk Rock Magazine

"The album is full of great oi chorus, classical guitars riffs and that english and american sounds together"

American Oi!

"I can tell you that the CD definitely grew on me.."

Thrash N' Bang

"And I don’t know who the hell is Mulligan, but I am mad for this band. Though not in an angry way, you could say that I’m crazy about them."


Out of Step Magazine

"Check it out, give the album a few spins and the more you listen, the more you get into it.."


Thoughts Words Press

"Their debut album carries seven classic streetpunk tunes that will be right up your alley if you’re into old-school streetpunk/Oi! sound."

In Effect HC

"Mad Mulligans stylistically take us back a few decades with an old school punk approach"

Sounds of the Street

"what I like most is how the band mix things up with all the band members sharing lead vocal duties"

The Punk Site

"8 tracks to bring out that everyone together sound"

"music made by mates with their mates for their mates - anyone can be a part of it"

1312 Punk and Metal News

"This album fuckin' kicks royal ass so do yourself a favor and give it a spin!"

March 22nd 2021  "Who Are The Mad Mulligans" UK release!

Dammit Records releases Mad Mulligans "Who are the Mad Mulligans" in the UK, with a bonus track not on the US edition. Check it out at:

Rotten Bastard Records  releases  "Who Are The Mad Mulligans"

7 songs of Traditional Punk/Oi! from veterans of the NYC punk and hardcore scene...In the vain of Sham 69, the Business, Cockney Rejects, et thug hardcore.

Check it out at:


Sunday, July 24th 2022 @ The Bowery Electric, NYC

Saturday, September 24th 2022 @ Asbury Wall Elks, Neptune, NJ

Saturday, October 1st 2022 @ QxT's, Newark, NJ

Sunday, October 2nd 2022 @ Kingsland, Brooklyn, NY

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